Skiatook, Oklahoma

1298 W. Rogers

 Call (918) 345-5336

Renshei Daryl Simmons,Chief Instructor

CEO Deadstop

We are pleased to announce our facilities in Oklahoma are now up and running! Renshei Daryl E.J. Simmons has remodeled an old hair salon and transformed it into the new Kami No Kanazuchi Kai dojo and the home of his business, Dead Stop Tactical Solutions. Located at 1298 W. Rogers in Skiatook (20 minutes north of Tulsa), Renshei Simmons will teach not only the Hap Ki Do program we have all come to know and love, but also a full catalogue of firearms courses serving the entire spectrum of shooters. A professional problem solver, decorated combat veteran and NRA & CLEET certified firearms instructor, Simmons integrates Kami No Kanazuchi Kai's doctrine and techniques into armed security, law enforcement and military applications. From basic firearm safety and awareness to team tactical training evolutions; Women's Self-Defense and the new Stranger Danger class for children; courses on handgun retention and response to active shooter... the list goes on and on. Mr. Simmons' shop is the area's premier resource for firearms, training, equipment, consultation, investigation... and, of course, northeast Oklahoma's Hap Ki Do headquarters. As one client so succinctly put it: 'If it has to do with a bullet or a butt-whippin', this is the place.' Come on out to the shop (behind the Bulldog Carwash) and see what's going on! "God Bless and stay safe!"--Renshei Daryl Simmons

Dojo hours:
Tuesday & Thursday: 6-8:30PM
Saturday: 10AM-Noon

Feel free to email Mr. Simmons at with any questions or concerns.

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