Pat J. Merriman,

Attorney at Law, Soke, PhD

Training Curriculum Vitae

Dunn County State's Attorney, 1 March 2013, through the present, employed as Assistant (and now) States Attorney. Areas of expertise: criminal law & procedure, arrest, search & seizure, common carrier & Highway interdiction, youth gang prosecution, and trial practice.

Pat J. Merriman, Attorney at Law, Springfield, MO, 1 April 1996, thru 28 February 2013. Private practice specializing in Insurance, Real Estate and Probate trial practice. To contact Mr. Merriman's e-mail, click here.

Kami No Kanazuchi Kai (God’s Hammer School of Grappling) For more information on Soke Merriman's martial arts resume click here.   For more information on his Academy, click here

World Martial Arts Hall of Fame, Cleveland Heights, Ohio, Past Executive Director of the Security Council. World Sokeship Council. Staff Council.

The IDORA Group, 1 June 1994 thru present. Executive Director and founder of this law-enforcement consulting group specializing in search & seizure, narcotics enforcement, defensive tactics, and narcotics interdiction and prosecution training as well as expert court witness. Currently assisting in Counter-terrorism research as part of this consulting group. Founder with Jansen "Scott" Cheek of the new S.T.R.A.P. [Street Tactics, Restraing, Arrest, & Pain-compliance] Control Options program at Ft. Leonard Wood's 470 & 600 Academy.

Missouri Sheriff’s Academy, January, 1997 through present. Employed as POST- certified instructor in all areas referred to herein.

Lawrence County, Missouri, Prosecutor's Office, 1 January 1999, through the present, employed as Chief Assistant Prosecuting Attorney.

Shannon County, Missouri, Sheriff's Dept., May, 2000, deputy Sheriff assisting in drug interdiction on US 60 Highway.

Greene County, Missouri, Prosecutor's Office, 15 February 1990, through 1 April 1996, employed as Assistant Prosecuting Attorney in charge of felony drug prosecution, high-profile homicide, and criminal forfeitures. Areas of expertise: criminal law & procedure, arrest, search & seizure, common carrier & Highway interdiction, youth gang prosecution, and trial practice.

Buchanan County, Prosecutor's Office, St. Joseph, Missouri. 10 October 10 1986, thru 14 February 1990 employed as an assistant prosecutor assigned to that jurisdiction's Drug Strike Force. 1988 & 1989 recipient of that agency's Iron Man award for most felony jury trials in one year (39) and most in one 2-week term (5).

Total Trial Experience= 230 jury trials.

Missouri Attorney General's Office, Jefferson City, Mo. 6 May 1986, thru 10 October 1986, employed as Assistant Attorney General in that agency's Criminal Appeals Division.

United States Attorney's Office, Kansas City, Missouri. 1 February 1985, thru 5 May 1986, employed as sole law clerk for the Hon. Robert Ulrich (now Judge, Missouri Court of Appeals, Western District).

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Martial Arts & The Law, Use of Force & Liability-- Sales Price= $19.95 for the new 2010 .pdf e-book. Regular Price=$49.95 for the hard-bound version. 450+ pages of information and FORMS for use in your dojo. If you do not know the answer to the following questions, and, you are practicing or teaching martial arts, you are a lawsuit or criminal prosecution looking for a place to happen: What is deadly force and when do you have the privilege to use it?; What responsibility to you have to students on or off the mat?; What special duties to you owe women and children?; Can you be liable for a student’s actions to a third- party?; What special problems occur at seminars or tournaments?; SEXUAL HARASSMENT the new bane of the 21st Century? What is your state's law on carrying a concealed weapon? What does the Safe Schools Act really say about defending yourself at school? This book is the most cost-effective insurance policy on the market today.


Street Tactics, Restraint, Arrest, & Pain- Compliance. The trainers and student manuals developed by Mr. Merriman and Renshei Scott Cheek (USMCr) deal with close-quarter combat in the revolutionary new way of concept-based training. The same contribution that Mr. Merriman made to martial arts in the 1990's in his Ju Jitsu system. No more one-size-fits all, pseudo martial "arts" which may/not work in a given street fight or running gun battle. All soldiers and civilian policing authorities who have been certified in this new system rave about its unique contribution to saving peace-keeper's lives. Numerous photographs and detailed charts take the student or trainer from presence at the scene to the deployment of deadly force in STRAP's matrix. Everything from verbal commands to a tango up through writing an after-action or necessary force report and how to testify in court. Retail Cost WAS $139.95 for the old, hard-bound, 2-volume set but, with the new e-book, .pdf format, we are offering this essential text for only $79.95. 


The Felony Drug Prosecution Handbook: 200+ pages of forms, search warrants, motions, and hard-hitting how-to text on setting up and maintaining a top-flight drug unit, including the original Canines & Contraband separate compilation, in the new millennium. Retail Cost= $29.95.  

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