Philosophical--Sokes Merriman and Sikes felt a need for a Ju-Jitsu style based upon Christian, rather than Zen or Taoist principles. Hence, their "hybrid" Kami No Kanazuchi Kai Ju Jitsu. Despite moaning from some "traditionalists", neither soke felt the need to perpetuate the "one size fits all", ancient fighting forms which no longer have any applicability on the battlefield or street since mounted cavalry was decimated by panzer tanks circa 1939 in Poland. Simply put, nunchaku and other ancient weapons, forms and kata may be curious and nostalgic but, the realty is that modern firearms and technology have made them a curiosity and an intellectual pursuit rather than a mainstream, hands-on CQB, unarmed weapons platform for modern figthing. Enough Said!

Technical--Much like Bruce Lee), these men had desired to develop a method of self-defense which moved from the antiquated rote memorization of a list of techniques which might/not be relevant. Simply put, in any given attack scenario, each encounter will be different. Accordingly, that encounter will dictate the technique that is implemented. Thus, they believed that the formula principle + attack = technique was a superior starting point. Both Hap Ki Do and aiki ju jitsu start from that truth and move forward.

In developing Kami No Kanazuchi Kai, Sokes Sikes and Merriman acknowledged the immense value of this brilliant formula but, sadly, also recognized that in our modern, litigious, selfish society, new students to Ju Jitsu could not simply start with these ancient concepts without first experiencing intense physical and mental training first. In short, Aiki Ju Jitsu is too dangerous. Simply teaching the concepts to modern students with no self-control or morality would (in short order) lead the infliction of suffering and criminal/civil prosecution. Accordingly, Sikes (the Priest) and Merriman (the lawyer) reviewed their combined extensive backgrounds in martial arts, the law, and Christian ethics and developed the hybrid which is Kami No Kanazuchi Kai. Today, more than ever, young men have been forcibly bred to lack the wisdom, logic and perseverance of their ancestors in favor of political correctness and the personal glory of cage/pit fighting to feed their ego. So, the time-tested code of Bushido holds sway at the hanbo rather than the "me'ism" of the new millennium-Walk away rather than argue; argue rather than fight; fight rather than maim, maim rather than kill, kill ONLY as a last result--echoing the teachings of Christ.

In sum, before concepts are implemented, the student spends at least one year developing himself both physically and mentally learning basic technique and control first. Then, if worthy, concept (advanced aiki theory) is slowly introduced to the student so that he/she has a base to build from before even starting down the path of combat training.


As expressed in the Name: The Japanese characters for Kami No Kanazuchi translate as:

1. Spiritual----reliance on Christian (not pagan) ethics which deny the "I" mentality;

                    2. Mental---disciplining the mind and learning to control one's emotion;

                    3. Physical---empty of reliance upon physical strength; and

                    4. Knowledge--ridding oneself of stinkin' thinkin' so one can be trained.

                    5. For Christians who misinterpret Gospel to "turn the other cheek":

Blessed be the Lord, my rock, who trains my hands for battle, my fingers for war, My refuge and my fortress, my stronghold, my deliverer, My shield, in whom I trust, who subdues people under me. Psalms 144:1

                    8. Fides Via Vita et Veritas--Faith through strength and truth.



                    1. Inertia;

                    2. Momentum;

                    3. Flow of motion;

                    4. Leverage.


                    1. Eye Characteristics--Perception;

                    2. Body structure;

                    3. Kinetic sense;

                    4. Biomechanics.


Since Dr. Riedner’s Shiho Karano (the root of Kami No Kanazuchi) means "4-way", the Ju-jitsu system is organized around the 4 points of the compass.

1. Kite ------- north (Oriel);

2. Minami---- south (Michael);

3. Higashi---- east (Gabriel);

4. Nishi------- west (Raphael).

Technique organization will be around these 4 directions.

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